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A119 DashCam
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VIOFO A119 is a capacitor based, full HD car dashboard camera with a host of advanced features. The A119 also goes by the name A119 SpyTec. It records videos at a resolution of 1440 pixels at 30 fps and 1080 pixels at 30 fps & 60 fps; and supports audio recording as well. This powerful dash cam wears a compact, stylish look and blends well with the interior of your vehicle. It can be discreetly mounted on your car’s windshield without inviting unnecessary attention from outsiders. With the loop recording feature and support for SD card of up to 64 GB, you will never run out of memory to record your drive, be it for safety or for fun.

VIOFO A119 has a 2 inch LCD screen and 4MP Sony CMOS sensor. It has inbuilt speaker and microphone. So, you can use this device to playback your recording as well. But as you can see, the display is not that big; so for better quality playback, you need to connect it to an external device. Audio recording can easily be turned on or off while recording by pressing a dedicated button on the back of the camera.

Since this dash cam uses capacitor instead of battery as power source, it is relatively safer for extreme temperatures due to higher heat tolerance, and does away with common problems of battery based dash cams such as overheating, bursting, missing files, etc. The super wide angle view of 160 degrees ensures that nothing in front of your windshield goes uncaptured. The lens is rotatable, and this gives you a lot of flexibility. You can adjust it vertically and horizontally as per your convenience to get the most suitable view angle for your recording.

A119 mounted on car windshieldThe A119 car camera starts and stops automatically along with the ignition of your vehicle. It comes with motion detection capability. The built-in G-Sensor detects any unusual motion in the vehicle and the unit automatically starts recording the incident on its own. The clip thus recorded is also protected against deletion during the process of relooping (automatic rewriting of old files when there is no more free space on your memory card).

Video clips are recorded in .MP4 format, and are crystal clear with even the minute details captured. You can easily read the number plates of vehicles moving in front of you. Thanks to its higher sensitivity towards low light, you get clear, fluid and saturated footage even during night time and at dark places. If you wish to further enhance the clarity of recording, go for their proprietary Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL) filter to reduce reflections from your vehicle’s windshield.

The camera unit comes with a USB car adapter, USB cable, attaching clips, detaching string, and a standard non GPS mount. In order to integrate GPS capability, you need to buy GPS Logger separately which is available as optional accessory. In addition to geo location details, this GPS module will add to your A119 dash cam unit several additional features like Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), recording current speed of your vehicle, Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS), etc. This dash cam however, does not support Wi-Fi connectivity.

Note: There is now a newer model out – the A119S Review also checkout VIOFOs new dual camera, the A129 Duo

A119 VIOFO Product Photos

A119 VIOFO Dash Camera Box

A119 VIOFO Dash Camera

A119 Dashcam side view

A119 Dashcam side view

Full Specs

Dimensions: 3.25″L x 2.125″W x 1.5″D
Chipset: Novatek 96660
Sensor: OV4689
Video: 2560*1440 30fps; 1920*1080 60fps; 1920*1080 30fps
Video file: .MP4
Display: 2″ LCD
Lens Angle: 160 degree wide angle
Storage: microSD, up to 64GB
Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor, 5V 1A
GPS: Yes, with addon module
G-Sensor: Yes
Audio: Yes
Dual Dashcam: No
Model Number: A119


A119 Dash Cam Accessories

A119 User Manual and Firmware

Downoad the PDF user manual: A119-User-Manual

Firmware: Download the latest firmware

What’s in the Box?

  • Car cigarette lighter adapter, with 2 USB ports
  • USB cable for car adapter, 11.5 feet long
  • Shorter USB cable for computer, 2.5 feet long
  • GPS module with adhesive mount
  • Non-GPS adhesive mount
  • 6 adhesive clips for mounting wire on windshield
  • Mount detaching string
  • Instruction Manual

A119 DashCam Accessories

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A119 Sample Videos

Video footage from daytime driving with the A119 dashcam

Sample video footage taken in low light, just after sundown

A119 dash cam timelapse or time-lapse video