About Our Site

Hello, my name is Dave and this website is dedicated entirely to car camera systems. It was started nearly 10 years ago with the goal of helping our users find the best dash cam setup for their situation.

I was motivated to started this site after a hit and run accident that left me with a lot of damage to my car and no witnesses. After this accident I was inclined to buy a dash cam for my car. This led me to a long and lengthy search to find the best dash cam, but there wasn’t a good central source of information on what kinds of features and brands I should be looking into. Just lots of listings on Amazon with shady reviews.

Hopefully my site can help you make an informed decision on which dash cam is right for you.

How does this site make money?

This site is ad free, as I do not have sidebar or banner ads and try to keep everything as simple as possible. When you visit pages on here that talk about various dash cam models and brands, these will often link to the sale listing on Amazon. If a user purchases a dash cam through that link, I will receive a small percentage of that from Amazon. This helps cover my time researching and testing these dash cams and also helps with the hosting expenses of this site.

Do you work with dash cam brands?

Yes, I do receive dash cameras from various dash cam manufactures and test them out and post reviews on them here. At no time do I feel obligated to post a “positive” review just because a company has sent me their dash cam to test and review. I have have written critical reviews about dash cams in the past on here. Usually though I will decline to accept dash cams that are clearly cheap, low quality dash cams from fly by night drop ship companies that don’t last for more than a year.

If you have any questions about the site or want to get a hold of me, visit the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!