AUSDOM A261 Dash Cam Review

AUSDOM-A261 DashcamAUSDOM A261 is a full HD dash cam and DVR with built-in GPS, 2 inch TFT LCD display screen, a microphone for audio recording, and G-Sensor for automatic incident capture. Since it records your driving video along with the location details, it serves as a perfect solution to legally support ‘your side of the story’. The camera is small and compact; it does its job silently sitting on your vehicle’s dashboard or windshield, without impeding your vision or distracting you while driving.

It features automatic power on option wherein the camera comes into action as soon as you turn on the engine of your vehicle. And the parking monitor ensures the safety of your vehicle in the parking lot; any collision or impact automatically sends the camcorder in the recording mode so that the person or vehicle hitting your car is captured in the video footage.

The windshield mount holds the camera firmly. It also has a swivel facility. So, you can turn around the camera to you when you want to record something inside the car; or you can even turn it further towards the window to capture something beside your car, say for instance, the conversation you are having with somebody standing by your vehicle’s window.

AUSDOM A261 dashboard camera uses large aperture lens so that more light can enter the camera even in low light conditions. The use of HDR technology helps prevent under or over exposure, giving high clarity images and videos during night. This dash cam can also make correction to distortion and deformation in the shooting produced by ultra wide angle view.

You can record videos in various resolutions, the highest HDR resolution being 1920×1080 pixels at 30 fps with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. Still photos are of 4MP in JPG format. The inbuilt GPS and Google Maps functionalities add the exact GPS data to the recorded footage. It also features file damage repair function that can serve as your last resort just in case something goes wrong with your saved files on the camera.

Loop recording nowadays is a common feature you can find in almost all dashcams. A261 also has this feature. So you don’t have to worry about your cam memory being full; it will automatically start overwriting the old files when it finds no more free memory on the card. This car cam supports up to 64 GB high speed Micro SD card (which you need to buy separately).

A261 Dash CameraThough you can instantly play back the recorded footage on the display screen of the device, using an HD computer screen or some other HD device will give you better clarity. You need to install GPS media Player to watch the recording along with the meta data on your PC or other external device. You can download it from AUSDOM website. Don’t forget to copy the recording to your computer before playing since the supplied media player can only play the video files from your computer. GPS Media Player is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems but it is not compatible with IOS system, and not fully compatible with all the features of Windows 8.

To sum up, AUSDOM A261 is an awesome dash cam with highly stable and clear video recording capability. The mic too does a fantastic job in recording conversations and other sounds with extreme clarity. But the rechargeable battery may not last that long. So, make sure you keep the dashcam plugged in to the power source.

Full Specs and Manual for AUSDOM A261 Dashcam

Dimensions: 6.5 x 5.8 x 3.2 inches
Storage: microSD, up to 64GB
Video: Full HD 1920 *1080P
File Format: .MOV
Camera: 4M
Processor Chip: Ambarella A7
Lens Angle: 130 Degrees
Screen: 2.0″ LCD
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
Item Number: A261

> Download PDF User Manual

Video on how to use the A261:

What’s in the box?

AUSDOM A261 Dashcam Contents

  • AUSDOM A261 Dash Camera
  • Suction cup windshield mount
  • Car charger and cable
  • USB cable
  • User manual

Sample Videos

Daytime and night time driving with the A261

Night driving, comparing video with HD on and with HD off