AUTO-VOX AD2 Dash Cam Review

The dash cam manufacturer AUTO-VOX is known for their quality car cameras with a solid build quality. The AD2 is their newer front and rear car camera package.

The AD2 is a dual dash camera (front and rear cameras) and has a small boxy style, all black main front camera unit that uses an adhesive mount with a hinge like attachment to the camera. With this size and shape of dash camera, you would typically want to mount it up behind your rear view mirror, completely out of your line of site, as it automatically turns on and off with an audio sound, so there’s really no need to be able to see it.

AUTO-VOX AD2 Dash Cam Review

Below we have done a full review on the AD2, covering all the basic features, specs and pros and cons of the dash cam.

AUTO-VOX AD2 Specifications

Video Resolution: 1080p @ 30FPS on Front & Rear Cameras
Image Sensor: SONY Starvis IMX307
Lens Angle: 127° Front Cam, 115°
Photo File: JPG
Photo Resolution: 2MP
Video File: MP4
Video Compression: H.265/H.264
Display: 3″ HD IPS Touch Screen
Storage: microSD (Class 10) up to 128GB
Battery or Capacitor: Battery (Lithium ion)
Parking Mode: No

Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: Yes
GPS: Built-in GPS with Playback Tracking
G-Sensor: Yes
APP: Yes
Dual Dash Cam: Yes
Model Name: AD2
Manufacturer: AUTO-VOX
Price: Check Current Price

AUTO-VOX AD2 Dash Cam Review

AUTO-VOX AD2 Features

Video Quality

The AD2 simultaneously records 1080p HD video on both the front and rear cameras and captures 30 frames per second.

Using the SONY Starvis IMX307 Image Sensor the AD2 dash cam is able to record crisp and clear daytime video while providing good night vision like qualities to get video during the night. It has a F2.0 wide eye aperture lens.

The video clarity, both day and night should be able to record a license plate of another vehicle, helping with a possible police report or insurance claim.

Video Storage and Loop Recording

Like nearly all dash cams, there is no internal memory that is built into the camera unit. You will need to get a microSD card for it. The microSD card should be 16GB+ and rated as a “Class 10”, which most microSD cards now are. These can be bought for pretty cheap on Amazon or big box stores like Walmart.

AUTO-VOX AD2 supports a 128GB microSD card (best memory card for dash cam)

The AD2 dash cam uses “loop recording” which is a feature that records over your oldest video files. When your memory card fills up, it then begins to “loop” back around and write over the oldest videos on the card. It doesn’t record large and lengthy video files, they are broken up into small video files, usually around 3 minute video clips. So when it does record over the oldest files, it’s not deleting a massive 2+ hour video clip, just small clips, one at a time.

Built-In WiFi & Remote Access

The AUTO-VOX AD2 can be remotely accessed with your smart phone or tablet by using their free app. They offer an App on the Apple App Store for iOS iPhones and iPads. For Android users, there is a free App on the Google Play Store for Samsung and other Android system users.

After you have installed the AUTO-VOX App you can sync your smartphone or tablet directly to the AD2 dash cam. This will allow you view saved videos and photos as well as make setting changes to the dash cam.

If you don’t want to use their app or connect your phone, you can do all of this directly on the AD2 dash cam right on the 3 inch touch screen display on the back of the main front camera.

Parking Mode Features

The AD2 dash cam comes with a basic parking mode option that can be accessed within the menu area. The main feature of its parking mode is to be able to detect an impact to your car when it is parked and turned off. This can be useful while you are parked at a lot and inside shopping at a store. If someone was to back into your car, the AD2 should detect the impact and begin to record video for 30 seconds and then turn off. When it records a file in parking mode it automatically locks it and places it in a separate folder on your memory card, making sure you don’t lose the video file.

Like all dash cams, the internal battery or capacitor is not meant to actually power the dash cam on its own, it’s only meant to be used to save the last video file when you shut your car off and it loses power. If you want to use this parking mode feature you need to get a hardwire kit that plugs into your cars fuse box and uses your cars battery, or get an external dash cam battery pack.

AUTO-VOX APP for AD2 Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX offers an app for the AD2 dash cam and a variety of other dams they sell that come with built-in WiFi.

The app is avaiable for free on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

With this app it gives your phone or tablet the ability to remotely connect to the AD2 dash cam. This will let you watch videos on your phone, save and share them, which can be very useful when dealing with insurance companies after an accident, and you can also make changes to the settings on the dash cam.

Difference Between AD1 and the AD2 Dash Cam

The AUTO-VOX AD1 was on the market for a short period of time before the AD2 was released. Although they have similar model names, the AD1 and AD2, they are completely different dash cam setups.

They share the same front camera body and mounting system, but use different rear cameras. The AD1 is focused more on offering a rear backup assist system, that provides an additional screen that wirelessly connects to the rear camera. The rear camera is also waterproof and can be mounted outside of your car, typically above your license plate. With the AD2 dash cam, it is more of a traditional dual dash cam setup with the rear camera meant to be mounted on the inside of your car, on your back window. The AD1 is not currently for sale on Amazon or on the AUTO-VOX website.

AUTO-VOX AD2 Accessories

AUTO-VOX AD2 Accessories

What’s in the box:

  • AUTO-VOX AD2 Main Front Dash Cam
  • Rear Camera
  • Video Cable for Rear Camera, 21 Feet
  • Car Charger with 11.5 Foot Cord
  • Plastic Pry Tool for Routing Wires
  • Adhesive Cable Mounts (5)
  • 3M Adhesive Pads (2)
  • Electrostatic Film (2)
  • User Manual

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PROS and CONS of the Stealth 4K PRO


  • 1080p HD video on front & rear cameras
  • Parking Mode with Impact Detection
  • Built-in WiFi & GPS
  • 3″ Touch Screen


  • Uses a battery rather than capacitor (not as good in high heat)