AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review

The V5 from AUTO-VOX is a higher end mirror dash camera that mounts to your cars rear view mirror, no sticky adhesive or suction cups are used, it uses rubber straps to securely mount directly on the front of your mirror. The camera lens sticks out to the side, capturing video in front of your car. The V5 dash cam acts as a mirror itself, essentially replacing your existing mirror.

It features a wide 9.35 inch touch screen, allowing you to easily make setting changes, watch previously recorded videos and use the backup assist features with the included rear camera. Keep reading below for all the specs and features of the AUTO-VOX V5 Dash Cam.

AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review

AUTO-VOX V5 Specifications

Video Resolution: 1080p (Front & Rear)
Image Sensor: Sony IMX307 STARVIS CMOS
Lens Angle:
Front: 145°
Rear: 150°
Aperture: F/1.8
Photo File: JPG
Photo Resolution: 2MP
Video File: MOV
Display: 9.35 Inch Touch Screen
Storage: microSD (Class 10) up to 64GB
Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor

Parking Mode: Yes, Impact Detection
Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: No
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
Dual Dashcam: Yes, included rear backup cam
Model Name: V5
Manufacturer: AUTO-VOX
Price: Check Price

AUTO-VOX V5 Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX V5 Dash Cam Lens

AUTO-VOX V5 Features

Video Quality

The V5 mirror dash cam features full HD 1080p video on the front facing mirror dash cam unit as well as 1080p on the rear facing backup camera, which not only acts as a backup cam, but a dash cam as well, recording video.

With it’s Sony IMX307 STARVIS CMOS Image Sensor and F/1.8 aperture it captures clear and crisp video both day and night. Sony sensors are considered to be the best sensors you can have in a dash cam for their high video quality.

Using a 6-glass blue lens it helps reduce glare from oncoming cars during night time driving, helping to improve the overall after dark video quality.

Video Storage and Loop Recording

The AUTO-VOX V5 does not have any internal memory to store video files. You will need to purchase a separate microSD card in order to save your videos.

The biggest microSD card you can use in this dash cam is 64GB. The microSD card should be a “Class 10”, which refers to the write speed of the card and is suitable for a dash cam that is always recording video. Most microSD cards you will find at stores like Walmart or Best Buy will be Class 10.

Loop Recording

The V5 and like most other dash cams use a feature called “loop recording”, meaning that once the memory card gets gets full, it loops back around and records over the oldest files, so you never need to go in and delete video files. Each video is small, only 1 to 10 minutes long. Because of this, you don’t need a huge memory card. We recommend a 16GB or 32GB memory card.

Parking Mode Options

The parking mode features on the V5 are rather limited compared to some of the more high end and higher priced dash cams on the market. Parking mode on this dash cam is impact detection and that’s about it, while other dash cams might have motion detection, this cam does not.

While in parking mode and you’re away it will automatically start recording 30 seconds of video if there is a major impact to your car, like a hit and run in a parking lot. This video file is locked and protected so it won’t been overwritten if your memory card gets full. After the 30 seconds of video is recorded, the dash cam will turn off.

To use this parking mode option you will need to use an external power supply, either a hardwire kit that goes to your fuse box and then your car battery, or an external battery pack.

Backup Reverse Camera

AUTO-VOX includes a rear camera with the V5, which is primarily meant to be used as a rear dash cam, that will record video behind your car whenever you are driving. But the rear camera can also be used as a backup assist camera to help you when reversing into a parking spot.

AUTO-VOX Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX Dash Cam Backup Wiring

There are 2 options when using the backup assist feature. You can hardwire the rear camera with the included wiring directly into your reverse lights on your car, but many people find this labor intensive and somewhat difficult to do. When the wires are connected to your rear light on your car, it will automatically go into backup mode on the dash cam when you shift into reverse, giving you guided lines like a traditional backup cam. The 2nd and easier option to use the backup assist feature is to simple swipe right on the dash cam screen and it will put you into backup mode.

GPS Tracking

The V5 mirror dash camera comes with a GPS module antenna that allows you to track your speed and location, which can then be directly watermarked on to your video files. This can be the current coordinates of where you are when the video is being record as well as the current speed you are traveling (how accurate is dash cam speed?).

In order to be able to use the GPS features of the V5, you will need to plug in the included GPS module antenna. The back of the GPS box has an adhesive pad, so you can stick to your windshield next to the dash cam.


AUTO-VOX offers free software for Windows and Mac operating systems that will display your dash cam videos next to a live map, showing your location as the video plays.

G-Sensor and Impact Detection

The V5 dash cam has a built in g-sensor that will automatically detect when you have been in a collision. The g-sensor is an accelerometer that measures the amount of acceleration in a given period of time. Once a preset value is reached, the dash cam will lock the video file and save it in another folder away from your other video clips, ensuring you don’t lose this video file. This is important as this will most likely be the most valuable footage you will record on your dash cam. This helps you get footage to your insurance company after an accident.

What in the Box?

  • V5 Mirror Dash Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Car Charger Power Cord
  • Reverse Light Wiring Kit
  • GPS Antenna Module
  • Rubber Mounting Straps (4)
  • Rear Camera Adhesive Mount
  • User Manual

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AUTO-VOX V5 Accessories

PROS and CONS of the AUTO-VOX V5


  • Has backup assist features
  • Uses SONY Image Sensors on both cameras
  • Capacitor rather than battery (better for extreme temperatures)
  • Intuitive touch screen


  • GPS feature is not built-in, uses external antenna
  • No Wifi for remote access

Installing the V5 Dash Cam

Rear view mirror dash cameras are some of the easiest cameras to install in your car. The V5 uses rubber straps to mount directly on to your existing rear view mirror. There is no need to removed or alter your cars rear view mirror in any way, and if you want to removed the dash cam, you simple undo the straps and take it off.

Installing AUTO-VOX Dash Cam

The V5 comes with 4 rubber straps, although you only need 2, the 2 others are spares.

To install the rear view mirror dash cam, you first want to attach one end of the rubber straps to the top clips of the dash cam. Then, put the dash cam directly onto the front of your mirror, with the dash cam lens sticking out to the side. Once you have aligned the camera over your mirror, you will then pull down the rubber strap and attach it to the bottom clip on the camera. This should securely hold the camera in place.

After this you will want to plug the car charger into the dash cam. You can then work on tucking the wire up into your headboard and routing the wire down to where your cigarette adapter is on your car.

Once your wire is in place and plugged in, you can turn your car key to get power, and the dash cam will power on. You should see a live video feed, this will allow you to move the camera lens to the desired position.