Best 4K Dash Cams of 2019

4K Dash Cam Buying GuideAre you sure that dash cam is really 4K?

If you do a search on Amazon for “4K dash cam” you will get hundreds of results, showing you a long list of dash cams that claim to be 4K, but in actuality they are not. In order for a dash camera to record real 4K video (3840x2160p), they need to have at least an 8MP image sensor. Most of them only have 2MP or 4MP image sensors. They claim to be 4K because the video is resized into what appears to be a 4K video file, although it was not actually recorded at 3840 x 2160p.

There are currently only a handful of real 4K dash cams being sold today.

Here is our pick of the Top 5 Best REAL 4K Dash Cams

#5 Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam 4K

LifeChaser 4K Dash Cam
Check PriceThe LifeChaser 4K front car camera records real 4K videos in 3840 x 2160P @ 30fps, using the Hisilicon HI3559V200 Processor and the 8MP OmniVision OS08A10 image sensor. It uses a 170 degree lens angle, which is one of the widest used on a 4K dash cam. A wider angle lens can provide more coverage of the road, but can cause some distortion at times, although you should still be able to pick up license plate numbers among other things.

This dash cam comes with all the standard features you will find on most mid range cameras, like parking mode (requires separate hardwire kit), motion detection and a g-sensor to detect impacts so it can save and lock video files in the event of a crash.

Inside the dash cam is a GPS feature that can display your speed and coordinates on the video, along with built-in WiFi to connect to the dash cam with your smartphone or tablet.

On the back of the dash cam it has a 2.4″ IPS screen and buttons below to change settings and view saved videos.

LifeChaser does not have much of an online presence. If you do a basic Google search for “LifeChaser” you will not find a company website with customer service options or product user manuals or firmware updates.

Feature Highlights

  • Real 4K video (3840x2160P) with 8MP image sensor
  • Supports up to a 128gb microSD card
  • 170° lens angle
  • 8MP Still pictures


  • Built-in WiFi and GPS
  • Dual Dash Cam Package, low priced 4K dash cam that also includes a rear camera
  • No company watermark on video files


  • Uses a 250mAh lithium ion battery instead of a capacitor, which can lead to overheating and reliability issues
  • Only supports up to a 128gb microSD card, while others support up to 256gb
  • Not an established brand. Limited online presence which can lead to poor customer support and little to no future firmware updates

#4 Vantrue X4 UHD 4K

Vantrue X4 4K Dash Cam
Check PriceThe X4 from Vantrue claims to be the Worlds first 4K 160° dash cam. Although it may not be the worlds first 4K dash cam, it might be the worlds first 4K car camera with a wide 160 degree lens angle. This is the widest lens angle currently being sold on the market today for 4K dash cams, giving you more coverage of the road in front of you.

Using the 8MP IMX317 image sensor from Sony, ensures a crisp video quality over the other generic and off brand image sensors used in other dash cams. Because it uses a 8MP image sensor, you know it records real 4K video and the X4 supports up to a 256gb microSD memory card (Vantrue recommends the Samsung Pro Endurance card), giving you more than 12 hours of video storage. When the memory card fills up it will loop back and record over the oldest video files automatically.

It has a rear 3.0 inch TFT LCD display screen, allowing you to make camera setting changes or view video footage directly on the unit itself, rather than having to use a USB cable or remotely connect to it through your smartphone.

The X4 has a built-in parking mode feature which can protect your car when parked, offering motion and impact detection, which records when either is recorded. This feature requires a hardwire kit that plugs into your cars fuse box, which is sold separately.

Feature Highlights

  • 8MP Sony IMX317 Sensor
  • Ambarella A12 chip
  • Real 4K video (3840x2160P)


  • Has a capacitor rather than battery, better for high heat and reliability
  • Wide 160° lens angle
  • Uses Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to get better low light video


  • Uses a suction cup mount, which can often fall off and hangs down low, making it less stealthy and prone to theft because it’s more visible.
  • Does not come with built-in GPS, you need to purchase a separate GPS module that plugs into the mount.

#3 Rove Stealth 4K Dash Cam

Check PriceWith it’s true 4K video recording capabilities using the 8MP Omni Vision OS08A10 image sensor, the ROVE Stealth 4K dash cam captures crisp and clear videos, both day and night.

The Stealth 4K uses ROVE’s dash cam app to connect to your Android or Apple iOS smartphone, giving you the ability to download dash cam videos or photos directly onto your phone or tablet via the built-in WiFi. With it’s included GPS feature, it allows you to overlay your speed as well as your cars location directly onto videos. If you don’t want to use the app or your smartphone to view videos or change camera settings, you can use the 2.35″ IPS display on the back of the camera.

With it’s camera feature, it takes 20MP still photos. Within the firmware, the Stealth 4K uses an algorithm to correct image distortion, to help with the curvature of the photo from the wide angle lens and output a clearer image.

As with most mid to top end dash cams these days, the Stealth 4K comes with a 24/7 parking mode feature that can detect motion and impact with its g-sensor while your car is parked and you’re away. This does require a separate hardwire kit that plugs into your cars fuse box, so it can power itself when your car is turned off.

Unlike some other dash cams that offer GPS, where you are required to purchase a separate addon GPS module that can take up more space on your cars windshield, the Stealth 4K comes with GPS built inside the unit. The GPS feature can be used to display your speed and coordinates directly on to the saved video file.

ROVE has a customer care center based in Chicago and is known for their good customer support, providing customers with the chance to get a full refund within 30 days if they’re not happy with the camera.

Feature Highlights

  • Real 4K video (3840x2160P)
  • Supports up to a 512gb microSD card
  • 150° lens angle
  • 20MP Still pictures


  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in GPS
  • Backed by a 1 Year Warranty


  • Uses suction cup mount, which can fall off and camera hangs down, making it more visible for theft
  • Has a Lithium Ion battery rather than a capacitor, which can overheat in high temperatures
  • Has a watermark on videos “ROAV Stealth 4K Dash Cam”


THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam
Check PriceThe U1000 from THINKWARE is a full 4K dash cam, recording at 3840x2160p @ 30fps with its Sony Exmor R STARVIS 8MP image sensor. If the video quality is lowered to 2K, you are able to record @ 60fps. The front camera has a lens angle of 150 degrees, while the optional rear dash cam has a lens angle of 156 degrees.

Its small, wedge shaped design and dark colors make it one of the most discrete 4K dash cams currently sold. It’s adhesive pad sticks to your windshield up and behind your rear view mirror, making it difficult for potential thieves to spot.

GPS is built-in to the U1000, so no need to buy an addon GPS module that will cost more and take up more space.

An optional rear dash cam can be plugged into the main U1000 unit, giving you a dual dash cam setup that shares one memory card. The rear camera can record at (2560x1440p @ 30fps) while the front camera records in full 4K.

With the THINKWARE CLOUD, using your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet you are able to remotely check on your cars location, get automatic notification when your car leaves a certain GEO boundary or if the g-sensor detects a sudden impact from a crash.

THINKWARE is among one of the top dash cam brands, with good build quality backed by responsive customer service

Feature Highlights

  • Real 4K (3840x2160p)
  • 150° Lens Angle
  • Exmor R STARVIS 8MP Sony image sensor
  • Stealth design


  • Uses a Capacitor rather than a battery, making it more heat resistance and improves reliability
  • Discrete tube/wedge shape that mounts up behind rear view mirror, making it more stealthy
  • Established brand with good customer service and 24 month warranty


  • Only supports up to a 128gb microSD card, while others support up to 256gb
  • Priced higher than the lower end 4K dash cams

#1 Blackvue DR900S-2CH 4K

Blackvue DR900S 4K Dash Cam
Check PriceThe DR900S, our number 1 pick for the best 4k dash cam in 2019.

Blackvue is known in the dash cam community as the top of the line brand of car cameras. When people ask online about what the “best dash cam” is, people will often point them towards a Blackvue dash cam.

While many brands have come out with flashy colors and fancy looking cameras, Blackvue has stuck with their discrete, all black tube shaped design, giving car owners a stealthy and somewhat hidden dash cam.

Blackvues DR900S-2CH has a 162 degree lens angle on the front camera, recording in real 4K (3840x2160p @ 30fps) using an 8MP image sensor, while the rear camera has a 139 degree lens angle and records full HD (1920x1080p @ 30fps) using a 2MP Sony STARVISTM CMOS image sensor.

The parking mode feature will keep the dash cam in standby, waiting for an impact to be detected or the motion of someone walking up to your car. This will trigger the camera to begin recording and capture an event while you are away from your car. To use this feature, you will need to buy an optional hardwire kit or their external battery, the Power Magic Battery Pack.

Because of its small size, the DR900S does not have an LCD screen on it, so to view videos or change the dash cam settings you need to use the Blackvue APP on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

For an added fee, there is the Blackvue Cloud service, which offers remote viewing of video and push notifications to your phone in the event of a crash. You may also remotely backup important video files to the cloud.

Feature Highlights

  • Real 4K (3840x2160p @ 30fps) video recording
  • Dual dash cam setup with front and rear camera included
  • Able to remotely connect to dash cam through the Blackvue Cloud service


  • Uses capacitor rather than a battery, which is better for high heat
  • Stealth design
  • Trusted brand with good customer service and support


  • Only supports 128gb microSD card, while other cams support up to 256gb
  • Priced higher than the budget models