Top 5 Uber/Lyft Dash Cams (interior + exterior camera) 2020

Our pick of the best dual dash cameras on the market with interior facing and exterior facing cameras for rideshare drivers.

We’ve noticed a lot of other websites posting about the best dash cameras for Uber or Lyft drivers, however many of the listed cameras are not designed for capturing the inside of your vehicle and passengers, which is a needed feature for any rideshare driver. You can use a “dual dash cam” setup, which is 2 separate cameras and mount them both on the front windshield, with one facing in and one facing out, but the main problem with this is that it’s often more expensive and you will have 2 camera units and 2 sets of wires to direct to a power source.

List of the Top 5 Dash Cams:

Here is our list of the best 2 in 1 dual lens dash cameras that capture the road outside, the interior of your car and records the audio of passengers with a builtin microphone.

#5 Pruveeo C2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

Pruveeo C2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

While Pruveeo’s C2 may look like alien technology, the camera remains fairly discrete thanks to its unique and unobtrusive placement at the top of your windscreen. Unlike most dash cams, the C2’s dual camera setup is completely rotatable, allowing you to face both cameras in one direction or one in either, providing an unparalleled level of flexibility.

1080p HD recording at 30fps in dual channel mode and 2196p/1440p recording in single channel mode ensures a crisp and smooth picture both inside and in front of your vehicle. Both lenses have wide viewing angles of up to 150 degrees and can display both feeds simultaneously on the 2.7 inch LCD display. Loop recording comes standard, along with a built-in speaker and mic setup to handle audio of your passengers.

Check PriceA 320mAh battery allows you to continue recording footage for some time if the power is cut, otherwise the C2 will remain plugged into your cigarette lighter. With high resolution video support on both camera units, a large microSD card will make maintenance a less frequent task. Luckily the C2 supports up to 128GB of microSD storage.

WDR, date-time overlays and global support is included with the Pruveeo C2, making it a comprehensive and considerable option in its price range.

#4 Taxi Dash Cam

Taxi Dash CamThe Taxi Dash Cam dual lens dash cam is a great budget option for beginner and experienced taxi and rideshare drivers alike. It features a compact and rugged design that fits onto your windscreen with a suction cup. Up front is the interior facing lens and above it a large 2.4 inch LCD display. Flip it over and you’ll find the exterior facing lens, along with some perforations for heat dissipation and a microphone (on/off option).

Included in the box is a suction cup mount, car power cigarette adapter cable, USB data cable, user manual and the single unit camera itself. The front lens is capable of recording video at 1920×1080/30fps while in single front lens mode and in dual cam mode at: Front: 1440×1080/30fps Interior: 1280×720/30fps, the rear lens uses 6 layers of glass to provide a crisp and smooth image.

Check PriceThe 150 degree wide angle front lens features a parking monitor and night vision to ensure your vehicle’s safety when parked. The interior lens features a slightly more narrow 130 degree lens but is still sufficient for capturing a full view of your vehicle’s interior and passengers.

Safety features include GPS, loop-recording and a Motion G-sensor that will automatically lock footage when a collision is detected. With a clean design, numerous useful features and an affordable price tag, the Taxi Dash Cam is a great choice for just under $100.

#3 Roav DashCam Duo

ROAV ANKER Dash Cam Duo The DashCam Duo from Roav, which is part of the reputable electronics company ANKER have come out with their own rideshare dash cam. The Duo features 2 camera lenses, one pointing inside and the other pointing outside, both housed in one compact tube like camera body. Other dual channel rideshare dash cams can come with 2 separate camera units that both need wires, the Dash Cam Duo is far more discrete, drawing less attention to it from riders. Each camera uses the SONY IMX323 CMOS Image Sensor, which are known for their crisp video quality and both record at 1080p HD. The front camera has a wide 155° lens angle, while the interior cam has a 110° lens angle, which should be enough to cover the entire inside of your car.

Check Price

The interior camera has 4 IR (Infrared) lights to help you capture video of passengers when it is completely dark inside your car.

With its built-in GPS, you are able to capture your cars location coordinates and speed and display it live on the video file. If you don’t want this information on the video, you can disable it in the camera settings.

The DashCam Duo does not come with WiFi or offer an APP for your smartphone. So you will not be able to connect to it with your phone, you need to manually take out the SD card and plug it into your computer.

#2 Transcend 32GB Drive Pro 520

Transcend Drive Pro 520

Known for their reliable and affordable storage devices, Transcend’s dash cam maintains the brand image by providing a simple but powerful solution for taxi service drivers. The Drive Pro features a handheld camera-like design and sticks onto your vehicle’s window using a suction cup. The exterior facing lens protrudes out the front of the camera while the other side features the interior lens and a built-in display along with some navigation keys.

A Motion-G sensor detects impacts and automatically locks recorded footage to ensure data integrity while the built-in GPS logs your location, date, time and any other important information necessary for incidents.

Check PriceBoth cameras are capable of recording clear and smooth 1080p footage at 30fps and excel in low light conditions thanks to the f/1.8 aperture and four infrared LEDs. The 6 glass lens features viewing angles of up to 130 degrees for the front facing unit and 180 degrees at the rear while also being rotatable for additional coverage.

As the name would suggest, the Drive Pro 520 is shipped with Transcend’s 32GB class 10 microSD card, providing a powerful and efficient storage solution, saving you the need to purchase or use your own. Alternatively, the Drive Pro offers data transfer to your smartphone over WiFi.


#1 Vantrue N2 Pro

VANTRUE N2 Pro Rideshare Dash Cam

Vantrue’s N2 Pro sports a rugged, utilitarian design with a variety of useful tech and safety features. Included in the box is a suction cup mount, mini USB cables, car charger, some literature and the single camera unit itself. You’ll need to insert your own formatted microSD card before setting up the N2 Pro. It supports up to 64GB of storage, which is more than sufficient for its two cameras.

The interior facing camera utilizes a Sony IMX323 sensor capable of recording 1080p video at a smooth 30fps. The wide angle 140 degree rotatable lens ensures full coverage of your vehicle’s interior while the 4 IR LED lights and f/2.0 aperture handles low light conditions with ease.

Check PriceThe upgraded OV4689 sensor on the other side can record video in up to 2560x1440p resolution at 30fps, providing an impressive picture quality. Bumping the resolution down to 1080p allows you to record with both cameras simultaneously.

Safety features include 24 hour parking motion detection mode, emergency lock, time-lapse and loop recording. The N2 Pro is heat and cold resistant and saves power by utilizing an auto LCD off timer. There’s also a built-in mic to record audio. All of these features are packed into a single affordable package, making the N2 Pro a considerable option in its price range and our number one pick for the best ridesharing dash cam on the market today.

Previously on our list:

Falcon Zero F360+

** This dash cam is no longer for sale **

Falcon Zero F360 Uber Dash Cam

This dash cam features a unique, minimalist design that packs two cameras and a variety of safety features into one affordable and comprehensive package. Unlike most other dash cams, the Zero F360+ attaches to your rear-view mirror, which helps it maintain an unobtrusive and inconspicuous design.

Included are all the cables and necessary literature to get started, along with a Falcon Zero 1 year manufacturer warranty and a class 10 32GB microSD card – a commendable and rare inclusion at this price point. The entire system simply latches onto your current mirror and uses a built in 3.5 inch color TFT LCD display as an overlay for the rear view.

The interior facing camera utilizes night vision to ensure low light visibility of your vehicles interior. The 120 degree wide angle lenses can rotate up to 180 degrees, providing a comprehensive view of any angle. The two cameras latch onto the bottom right of the mirror and are compact in size.

A small interface is located at the bottom, with navigation keys and a microphone to record audio. The display can also be set to turn off after a certain amount of time to prevent distraction while you’re on the road.