COBRA 2316D Dash Cam Review

Cobra Dash Cam Review
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Your daily work commute doesn’t have to be so stressful. With Cobra’s DASH 2316D dash camera system installed in your vehicle, you can protect yourself from the unknowns that can happen during your commute. From accidents, insurance fraud, distracted drivers, unexpected road objects, hit and runs, and more. Save hundreds of dollars by preventing yourself from getting a speeding ticket using the Cobra’s iRadar community.

If you’re about to embark on a road trip or you’ve already begun your odyssey— use the DASH 2316D camera’s video looping system to record your trip. Image quality iss second to none. You’ll love the crystal clear images with plenty of detail in it. Use the complementary software to edit your HD quality roadtrip videos. Share your adventures with loved ones while on the road or store for that documentary you’re making.

There’s a lot to fear with your teenager starting to drive. Cobra’s DASH 2316D camera system will give your child extra driving features to keep them safe on the road. Its driver alert system helps your kid prevent collisions and gives them the extra hand in lane departure.

This is a great tool to install if you kid has an older vehicle. Like those vehicles that don’t have a backup camera. Help them avoid the little mistakes new drivers typically do. Like tapping a parked car while parallel parking. They can adjust screen views to prevent this.

With your career having you experience a lot of windshield time the Cobra’s DASH 2316D cameras will be easy to install with excellent video resolution. Capture your commutes on the expressway and in the city. Have proof of someone else’s cause in an accident due to road rage or building materials falling off their truck. Keep your insurance costs down with the free Cobra app lets you be aware of speed cameras. Which is convenient for driving in unfamiliar cities.

Features and Design

Cobra DASH2316D Dash CamDASH 2316D is a two-camera system. The square camera is mounted on the dash or windshield with an adhesive. It records what’s in front of you. The second camera in a smaller tube shape records what’s behind you while on the road. You can mount this on your back window. The mount is permanent so be mindful of your placement.

The front camera has four buttons on its LED screen to control and configure its settings. This allows you to pause the recording, take a snapshot, mute the microphone, and split the screen view. This split-screen feature is helpful especially if you have a driver tailgating you. Or if you’re backing up in a parking lot with a lot of action…think Costco.

The two cameras’ material look high quality and are very sturdy. Definitely not cheaply made. They feature different wide-angle views and image resolution settings. This helps capture your drives both in the daytime and at nighttime.

DASH 2316Dcontrols and set up is easy for those that are not very tech-savvy. Simply apply the adhesive low profile mount behind your windshield mirror and insert its power adapter into your vehicle before you drive. The low profile dash mount will protect you from states that outlaw devices on your windshield.

The included microSD card stays put so you can feel secure it won’t fall out while you’re driving

Cobra 2316D Rear CamAttach the rear camera on the back window. Run the cable right down the side of the vehicle to connect the two cameras. If exposed cables bother you, you can have a professional hardwire the cables.

Loop Recording powers on and off, once it’s set up the DASH2316D built-in technology automatically starts recording after you turn your vehicle on. And it knows when to do an auto shutdown. There’s no need to spend extra time pressing buttons.

If your vehicle is parked and activity is detected —like being hit by a parallel parker—DASH2316D will power on to capture details. It will also save footage with audio recording.

Video Editing Software

The complementary Drive HD Software lets you view and edit your 1296 super HD footage. Both the front and rear cameras record separately on the same MicroSD card. So you can watch and edit either one separately.

The dash camera in the front captures a 160-degree view and the rear captures a 130-degree view. You can enhance your video with night vision. Create video montages of your road trips and national park visits.

Temperature Protection

This camera does not have an internal battery. The cameras have built-in supercapacitor technology instead. This technology helps them withstand extreme temperatures while left in your unattended vehicle. Don’t let your hometown’s heat waves or frigid temperatures prevent you from getting a quality road recording.

Power Source

The camera’s cigarette lighter adapter plugin is the standard power method. By using this power source method it enables you to use parking mode. Parking mode can record any movement in front of the camera while your car is off.

If you’d rather not have the adapter plugin, but need the constant power source to keep the camera features, you can purchase Cobra’s MicroUSB hardwire kit.

If you unplug the camera from the power source it will stop recording, save the last video file, and shut down within 5 seconds.

iRadar Community

Cobra -2316D APPCobra’s DASH 2316D uses iRadar Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. You can download the iRadar app for free. Once installed to your smartphone it geo-tags your location and speed with the time and date.

The iRadar app also helps you avoid threats. This community warns you of red light cameras, speed cameras, and live police locations. You can add any discoveries you make to the iRadar community too.

You can also research your route. So you can reach your destination safely and in a timely manner.

You also gain added protection by installing the DASH 2316D in your car. Its advanced driver alert system gives warnings if you’re approaching an object too quickly or drifting out of your lane. This can help you prevent collisions while driving on a congested interstate. Or if you’re on a long road trip it will keep you from dozing off into the meridian.

Audio Recording

Audio can easily be turned off with the push of a button, this is nice if you get pulled over. You can record the whole conversation.

Accident Coverage

The DASH 2316D detects sudden changes in acceleration or collisions. So if you’re involved in an accident it will automatically save the footage. Other features will turn on such as the integrated microphone for audio recording. And it starts photo capturing.

This dual-camera system assures your safety by capturing traffic incidents during your everyday commute. With captured footage you can prevent lengthy legal battles. And prevent your insurance rates from rising from another drivers wrong doing.

Full Specs

Dimensions: 2.24” H x 2.5” W x 1.26” D
Front: 1296p when in single cam mode, 1080p in dual cam mode
Rear: 720p
Display: 2″ LCD Screen
Photo File: JPEG
Video File: MP4
Lens Angle: 160° Front, 130° Rear
Storage: microSD (class 10) up to 64GB
Motion Detection: Yes
Parking Mode: Yes, optional hardwire kit required
Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: No
GPS: No, not built-in
G-Sensor: Yes
APP: Yes, integration with iRadar APP
Dual Dashcam: Yes
Model Name: DASH2316D
Manufacturer: Cobra

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What accessories are included?

COBRA 2316D Accessories

  • Car Power Adapter
  • Micro USB power cable
  • Micro USB data cable
  • Adhesive windshield mount
  • Cam 2 extender cable
  • 16GB microSD card
  • Y Splitter

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