Can I use my dash cam as a reverse backup assist camera?

There are a number of different types of dash cams being sold today. Most are single lens, front facing dash cams. However, there are many “dual dash cams” being sold that come with a rear camera as part of the car camera package.

Most of these dual dash cams with a rear camera will have either a small screen on the front unit, usually only around 2 inches wide which is is too small to use as a screen, or they won’t have a screen at all. Because of this, these types front and rear dash cams don’t make for a good reverse backup assist camera. Not only that, they are not designed to be used as a backup camera, so you won’t get the reverse line and other assistance features like on a traditional backup camera.

Are there any dash cams sold with a built-in backup assist feature?

Yes. The most common type of dash cam with a reverse camera system are the rear view mirror mounted dash cams that come with a rear camera. These can easily be strapped onto your existing rear view mirror.

Dash cam as backup assist camera

The reason these are some of the only car cameras with a backup assist feature is because they come with a large screen, often 5 inches or wider, making it easy to see while backing up.

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