DBPOWER A7L50 2K Dash Cam Review

DBPOWER 2K HD DashcamIf you are looking for a low budget dash cam for your car or some other vehicle, here comes DBPOWER A7L50 priced under $100. It features Ambarella A7L50 chipset and OV4689 sensor that makes it possible to record full 2K HD video clips at resolutions as high as 2560×1080 and 2304×1296 pixels at 30 FPS. The wide angle view of 150 degrees ensures nothing on the road escapes the eye of the camera. Powered with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, this DVR automatically adjusts for dark and bright areas so as to eliminate over or under exposure in the recording. Superior night vision lenses (F2.0 Six-Glass lenses) make it a perfect dashboard camera for driving during the night time.

The recordings are saved in the memory card, which you need to buy separately. It supports high capacity TF card (class 6 to class 10 SDHC card, but class 10 is recommended) of up to 64 GB. The unit also gives you HDMI output in case you want to watch the clips on TV or save them on some other device. Since loop recording is supported, you need not worry about the memory getting exhausted; it will automatically start rewriting the oldest files without requiring you to restart the recording manually. In case of an accident or collision, the built-in G-Sensor detects the impact and locks the recorded video for you, which means that it won’t be rewritten in the process of relooping. In addition to the video, it also clicks a still picture of the collision, locks it and saves it to your card, all by itself.

DBPOWER 2K Dashcam screenThe DBPOWER car cam has a wide screen, LCD display of 2.7 inches. The spacious and uncluttered screen features few buttons on its left and right sides, prominent among them being mute, menu and image buttons. You can press the mute button to switch off the built-in microphone (when you don’t want to record audio); and the image button can be used to capture amazing still images of 16M pixels.

Installing and setting up the unit is easy since it automatically turns on and off without having you to press any button. All you need to do is mount it on your vehicle’s windshield with the suction cup holder, insert a memory card, and connect it with your car charger. All essential accessories like car charger, dashboard mount bracket, USB cable and power cable are included in the package. If you are using a new memory card, it may ask you to format it first before moving ahead with the recording. Browse through the settings to set the date and time, and enter your License ID. You can also set the unit to automatically shut down after 1, 3 or 5 minutes.

DBPOWER 2k Dash CamDBPOWER runs on 250 mAh battery and can withstand fairly wide range of temperature. However, you need to keep it plugged in almost all the time for a constant power supply. Note that the battery is meant for emergency use only and one full charge may not last more than 10 minutes. Ultimately, the battery’s main purpose is to save the video file when you turn your car off and not to be used to actually power the dashcam. So, always keep it connected to the charger cable while driving.

Ease of use and super clear recording makes DBPOWER a good budget camera to buy for your vehicle. The video clips as well as image captures are excellent with clearly visible number plates and street signs. The sound recording too is of high quality but don’t forget to roll up the windows for extra clarity if you are looking to record something like important conversation going on inside the car.

The unit comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, making it further safe for you to try it out.

Full Specs

Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.2 x 2 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Video: 2K HD video, 2560×1080/2304×1296 at 30 FPS
Chipset: Ambarella A7L50
Sensor: OV 4689
Display: LCD
Lens Angle: 150°
Storage: up to 64GB Class10
Battery or Capacitor: Battery, 250 mAh
G-Sensor: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes
Dual Dashcam: No
Model Number: DBPOWER A7L50

What’s in the box?

DBPOWER dash cam accessories

  • Car Charger
  • Dashboard Mount Bracket
  • USB Cable
  • Power Cable
  • User Manual

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Sample Videos of the DBPOWER 2K HD Dash Cam

Daytime video footage

Night footage (after dark footage starts at 20 seconds in)