INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dash Cam Review

INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Dash Cam
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The INNOV C5 is a motorcycle camera shoots 1080p video at 30fps. It is an upgrade from the already solid INNOVV C3 in that it has better camera capabilities and important new features that help it compete with other moto dash cameras. It features a smartphone app with built-in WiFi, a hardwire kit to install the camera, and a waterproof casing to protect it from outdoor conditions. The main camera and power capacitor is also waterproof to protect the camera and footage from rainy conditions. This camera works for all motor outdoor sports vehicles. The app allows people to review and download footage directly to your phone and then share with others. The WiFi range is 1-2 meters. The camera has an option to turn video segmenting off to make the footage one continuous clip and supports an up to 128GB memory card to capture over 19 hours of footage. It also features a timelapse mode for more artistic shots. The camera has a wide angle lens of 120 degrees to pick up everything around you.

The INNOV C5 is an upgrade from previous versions of the camera because it now comes with a super capacitor instead of a battery. This increases the camera’s battery life and has a greater tolerance in extreme climate conditions. This change means that the camera will last longer and perform better. The battery also allows for the camera to have a ten-second delay for turning on and off when you turn the ignition of the vehicle on or off. Turn-on delay helps prevent voltage spikes by letting the rest of the vehicle turn on first before powering on. Turn-off delay makes the the power box keep the camera and DVR on for ten seconds after the vehicle shuts off in case of an accident where the vehicle turns off. This way the camera still captures the footage even if the vehicle is damages.

INNOVV C5 Dash Cam UnitMotorcycle cameras are a bit different then dash cameras on cars. While cameras on cars are primarily concerned with safety and accountability, motorcycle cameras are more for recording experiences. They can certainly be used for safety but there are more things you can do with an outdoor sports vehicle so it makes sense that you’d want to show the cool footage to family and friends.

Overall, the image quality is excellent. Video is sharp and was even able to capture license plate numbers of cars going at high speeds. Another thing going for this camera is the firmware. It’s pretty well made, even though there hasn’t been too many updates to it yet. Firmware updates can be installed through the phone app but it works pretty well at the moment. It might be difficult to set up at first, especially if you’re new to vehicle cameras and the instructions that come with the camera might not be as descriptive as necessary. INNOVV’s website has detailed instructions in case the instructions aren’t clear enough.

There is a bit of motion blur with nighttime recording but this is to be expected. It still performs well in low light conditions. There is no CPL filter with this camera so you may get a little bit of glare on the footage, especially when it’s really sunny outside. The lenses are glass though and the camera is a truly solid product. Video is much better than the audio and the mounting system leaves a lot to be desired but you can really feel the quality in the casing. The camera feels heavy as opposed to a lightweight feel a lot of cheap cameras have.

INNOVV C5 Moto Dash CamEven though some features might not be the best, it is made to last a lot longer than a cheaper camera made out of cheaper materials. Several people have needed to either repair or completely replace their mount, so be prepared to make some changes if it doesn’t hold up. Fortunately, INNOVV’s customer service seems decent enough to replace the mount if it doesn’t hold up and address any issues a customer would have with the camera.

Installation seems to be difficult for some people so you might want to get professional help with it, especially if you’ve never installed a camera before.

Outdoor motor sports vehicle cameras are a lot like car cameras in some ways. You want a camera with great visuals and at least decent audio, some new features like WiFi and a weather-resistant surface, some form of customer service or a warranty, and a decent price. The INNOVV C5 meets all these criteria. It’s not the best camera out on the market, but a lot of those are reserved for cars. The outdoor vehicle cameras are a relatively new development so it is impressive to see such a solid performance from such a new product. If you’re looking for a camera to put on a motorcycle, this is a solid choice.

Full Specs

Dimensions: 2.7 inches x 1.8 inches x .08 inches
Video: 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps, 720p 30fps
Lens: 6G glass lens, F/ON=2.0 F=3.6mm Diagonal 145° horizontal 120° vertical angle 100°
Display: None, view through wifi device
Video Looping: 1 Min, 3 Min, 5 Min, and 10 Minute files.
Storage: microSD (class 10) up to 128GB
G-Sensor: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Temp Range: -4 °F to 158 °F
Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor
Dual Dashcam: No
Model Name: C5
Manufacturer: INNOVV

What’s in the box?

INNOVV C5 accessories

  • INNOVV C5 Main Control Unit
  • Camera Lens with 6 foot long cable
  • DC 12V to 5V Hardwire Kit
  • Mounting Bracket For Lens
  • Mounting Tools
  • Mounting bracket for main unit
  • Adhesive sticky pad for main unit
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • INNOVV Stickers
  • User Manual

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Sample Videos of INNOVV C5 Moto Dash Cam

Daytime video sample of the INNOVV C5

Another day time sample video

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