Lukas QVIA AR790 Dual Dash Cam Review

Qvia AR790 Dash Camera
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With the growing demand for small and discrete, or stealth dash cameras, the Lukas Qvia AR790 is the answer to that. Rather than the older and larger suction cup mounted cameras from Lukas, the Qvia AR790 is a small tubular design that it mounted to your windshield with an adhesive mount, making it less visible from the outside, which can greatly reduce car break-ins.

The Qvia AR790 comes with a wide array of safety features. It’s nice to be able to review interesting things that happen on the road, but many users enjoy the security provided by their device be it for protection against theft or insurance fraud. However, the Lukas Qvia AR790 takes it a step further. An absolutely staggering number of features have been packed into the exceedingly tiny package of this dash cam.

This camera comes with a number of Advance Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS) that help maintain a safe drive. The Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) was designed and included to help reduce severe road and highway accidents by analyzing what is being recorded by the camera in real time and alerts the driver if it sees that a collision could be imminent such as in cases of distracted or drowsy driving. If you’ve ever felt tired on a long haul drive, the FCWS could save your life.

Lukas Qvia AR790 The next safety feature included is the Lane Departure Warning System. It works similarly to the FCWS but instead of warning of collisions, it lets the driver know when they are departing a lane accidentally in the case of inattention or poor driving skills. Never worry about swerving again.

The final safety feature of this dash camera is known as the Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA). It works on the same systems as the other ADAS, but instead of notifying the driver of imminent collisions or swerving it brings the attention of the driver back to the road if they have lingered too long at a stop light or stop sign and the vehicle in front of them has started to move again. No more getting honked at for looking away too long at a stop.

The Qvia AR790 is indeed loaded with safety features, but the camera itself is not without its merits. The camera is manufactured using technology by the always high-quality Sony cameras and includes a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) of vision that monitors and records, in full 1080p, the entirety of the road to make sure nothing is missed in recording for the benefits of review and for the safety features of the camera. It also includes a high-quality night vision camera for dark nights on the road so your vision will never be limited. The whole road will be in your sights, day or night, with this dashcam.

The camera itself is not very big, surprisingly, despite it being packed with features. It weighs just over 9 ounces and is about 4 inches long. The Qvia AR790 will not be taking up much space on your your windshield, despite adding so much functionality to your drives. The body of the Qvia AR790 is sleek, black, and cylindrical with the camera forward facing in the middle of the device and connects to your window via a standard suction cup clip. It’s really a nice looking camera that’ll add instead of taking away from the appearance of your dash.

Qvia AR790 rear-camera
Rear Camera

There is a 16GB microSD card included with this camera, which may not sound like much, but the cam hooks up to wifi and Bluetooth and can be uploaded on the fly whenever you may need it. Plus, a free microSD is never anything to complain about. The Qvia AR790 also features superior thermal protection to ensure that the camera stays sturdy even in the hottest of climates and the sunniest of days. You won’t have to worry about parking in the shade with this device.

To access your video footage, you can use the included USB cable to download the video files on to your computer, or you can view video footage directly on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Qvia AR790 is manufactured in Korea by LUKAS and sold by Pro Com Technology on Amazon.

The Qvia AR790 is a great deal with the driver concerned with safety and wants to be sure everything is recorded in the crispest of details. Few cameras on the market can stand up to the long list of safety features LUKAS has brought to the table here and at a price that is easily affordable. This camera contains just about anything you could need for a great and secure drive.

Full Specs

Front cam: 4.3 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
Rear cam: 2 x 1 x 1.2 inches
Front cam: 2.9 ounces
Rear cam: 0.88 ounce
Front: 1920x1080P, 30FPS
Rear: 1920x1080P, 30FPS
Video file: MPG
Censor: SONY IMX 322 CMOS Sensor
Chipset: Ambarella A12
Display: No display, accessible via APP
Lens Angle: 135° front cam, 130° rear cam
Storage: MicroSD, up to 256GB (class 10)
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
Operating temperature: Operating: -30° ~ 70° C (-22°F ~ 158°F) Storage: -40° ~ 80°C (-40°F ~ 176°F)
Battery or Capacitor: Capacitor
Audio: Yes
Dual Dashcam: Yes
Model Number: QVIA AR790

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Lukas QVIA AR790 Sample Videos

AR790 front dashcam daytime video footage

AR790 rear dash camera day footage