Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dash Cam

Many wonder why Russia has so many dash cameras, but most people in the United States do not drive with a dash cam in their car. Given all of the things that have cameras on them, the fact that they aren’t built into cars is somewhat odd. They’re on our laptops, in our pockets — everything has a camera built in, except for cars. What gives? If you’ve never considered purchasing a dash camera before, they can be amazing tools for security, record keeping, and straight-up fun. They can even help you get out of speeding tickets in some cases, and keep tabs on your teenage drivers. There are tons of reasons why you should get a dash camera. Here are a few of the reasons why you should get a dashcam:

Insurance Benefits

Insurance Fraud DashcamThe most obvious reason is to get a dash camera is for insurance purposes. If you get cut off on the highway, smashed in a parking garage, or rear-ended in traffic, having a record of the accident is important for insurance purposes. You can’t always rely on your cellphone for capturing the accident after the fact (especially for a hit and run), and the best way to prove fault is when you capture the accident as it happens.

Submitting dashcam footage with your insurance claim can also expedite the claim. By providing that clear, definite evidence of the event, you can speed up the process greatly. Insurance companies always appreciate video footage, as it’s hard to fake, and including it with your claim adds an extra layer of certainty to the process.

Avoid Fraud

Pedestrian Insurance FraudIn the same vein as avoiding car-on-car accidents, dash cameras are also a great tool for avoiding insurance fraud involving pedestrians. In densely populated areas, insurance fraud is surprisingly common. The most typical kind of insurance fraud involves a pedestrian engineering an ‘accident’ where the driver is at fault, typically due to them jumping out in front of the vehicle.

With a dash camera, however, you’ll have clear video evidence to your benefit. More than $40 million dollars are spent every year handling fraudulent insurance claims. But, as in most cases, a clear video cuts right through the deception. Don’t let yourself be drawn into a trap — keep a record, and enjoy peace of mind.

Record Roadtrips

Dashcam on RoadtripIf you’re planning to spend some time on the road, an action camera isn’t going to cut it for long time-lapses. You’re going to need something you can mount on your dash and let run. Dash cameras, with their loop-recording modes, expansive memory capacities, and car power adapters are perfect tools for capturing unexpected moments on your next road trip.

Tons of people are using dash cameras to record ‘SlowTV’ videos, too. They’ll plan a drive along a beautiful route, set up their camera, and drive for hours. These smooth, soothing videos are fun to watch and even more fun to make. It’s an easy way to share the broad and diverse experiences of a long road trip with friends and family, without wasting time changing batteries and memory cards. Considering most dash cameras have full HD video, they can make a great tool for shooting beautiful time lapse videos, both day and night.

If you enjoy driving, chances are you’re interested in more than just soothing drives along the lakeshore. And whether you’re a weekend track-star, a back-road master, or you have a soft-spot for impromptu drag races, owning a dash camera can make that experience all the better.

Why tell stories about the adventures you have when you can share footage? Using a dash camera is easy, and putting together a clip of you exploring in a jeep or doing laps at the local raceway is fun! By using a dash camera, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road while still capturing the excitement.

Improve Driving Skills

city-streetIf you’re trying to become a better driver, being able to record and review your driving is important. Whether it’s you, your children, or a friend that you’re helping out, you’ll be able to use a dash camera to keep track of what you do in tough situations. When you’re in the gym, you use a mirror to check your form — why not use a dash camera to check your driving?

A dash camera can be doubly useful for teenage drivers, too. Young drivers have the highest risk of accidents, which means that your insurance will suffer if your teenager crashes your car. By using a dash camera, you’ll have an extra line of defense for your insurance claims, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on when they drive and where they go. It’s a win-win!

Keep Your Car Safe

Surveillance CameraCars are broken into frequently, and when it happens it’s more than an inconvenience — break ins can result in a serious loss of property. Thankfully, most dash cameras include built-in batteries and motion detectors, which means that they’re perfect for keeping your car safe, even when you’re not in it. This will help protect your car, and whatever is in it, while you’re at the store or running errands.

And if your car is broken into, you’ll have video and audio evidence of the crime that you can turn over to the police.

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