Rexing S800 Dash Cam Review

The S800 Dash Cam from Rexing is a fairly unique combo dash cam setup. It’s a mix between a traditional dual dash cam with a front and rear car camera, a GPS navigation system and a touch screen tablet computer running on the Android operating system and offering access to the Google APP store to add extra features by installing other driving APP’s like Waze.

Rexing S800 Dash Cam

Rexing S800 Dash Cam Features

Rexing S800 Rear Dash Cam
Rear Cam

This dash cam boasts 4G satellite GPS and it comes with fast and accurate mapping that you can count on. With a 170-degree angle 6 glass lens allows you to capture sharp and clear images even in the night time with FHD 1080 + VGA. Not only is the image crystal clear, this dash cam allows you to live stream at anytime and from any where in the United States. It also has the ability to instantly replay video and audio with a wide screen and built in speaker.
Additional benefits include being able to create an overall upgrade to your vehicle. This dash cam comes with a full multi-media system that includes music, radio and Waze. It also includes WIFI and 4.0 Bluetooth which allows simple music streaming for you. It also includes a built-in microphone which gives you the luxury hands-free calling, which is required by law in many states now. You will also have access to the Google app store which will allow you to upgrade and further customize your experience. The installation of all of this is super simple and it is a true set it and forget it process for even the most novice of owners.

Dash Cam Details

Rexing S800 Dash Cam Front View

Okay, so we have covered the product features, but what about the details, the FAQ type stuff? Let’s take a minute to cover that here. First, let’s talk about the data plan. We all have a varying array of devices and we know that the costs for data can quickly add up here. The Rexing S800 Dash Cam comes with a one year data plan for free, so it gives you ample time to use it, get familiar, and decide if you want to go with it as the dash cam for your vehicle. After that, it should be around $15 per month.
Maybe you are interested in hard wiring and are worried that it doesn’t have the capability for that. Well, have no fear, as there is a two-channel smart hardwire kit. Problem solved!
This all sounds great, but what about installation and the whole set it and forget it thing? You can simply mount this dash cam with just an adhesive pad, and that can be done on your front windshield and on the rear window for the back camera.

What are the PROS & CONS of the Rexing S800

We have said many positive things about this product to this point, so let’s pause for a second and even it out by looking out a few things that could honestly be better.
While this may sound a bit strange, I think it’s important to note both sides here. While the first free year of data is a great benefit, the fact is, you will need to pay a monthly fee in the second year. It’s certainly not a deal breaker most likely, but it isn’t the most ideal situation.
Secondly, while the dash cam does live stream, it is not available for viewing by other people on a live stream. These both may seem like nit-picky things, but they are in fact still pieces of information to consider when making this purchase.

Final Thoughts on the Rexing S800

If you are looking to get a dash cam that has the wide range of functions as the S800, you’re not going to find many out there that compare. As we reviewed today, there are many awesome features for this product and it gives you an added level of functionality, safety, and just luxury to your vehicle.
As we addressed, like any product, it certainly isn’t perfect. That said, it’s our professional opinion that this is a great product worth owning. It’s a high-tech piece of equipment that handles its job well. If you don’t believe, us then just check its wonderful customer reviews online. When all is said and done, this is a good combo dash cam from a reputable brand that has had a number of successful dash cam models over the years.

Rexing S800 Dash Cam Specs

Video: 1080p @ 30FPS Front, VGA Rear
Display: Touch Screen
Photo File: JPG
Video File: MP4
Lens Angle: 170° Front
Storage: microSD (class 10) up to 128GB
Parking Mode: Yes, optional hardwire kit required
Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Battery or Capacitor: Battery
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: Yes
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
APP: Yes, iOS and Androidd
Dual Dashcam: Yes
Model Name: S800
Manufacturer: Rexing

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What S800 accessories are included?

What Comes with Rexing S800 Dash Cam

  • Rexing S800 Front Dash Cam
  • Rear Dash Cam
  • Power Adapter Cord for Car Charger
  • Cable for Rear Camera
  • SIM Card
  • 3M Adhesive mounts for the Front and Rear
  • Adhesive Cable Clips to Guide Wires in Car
  • Plastic Pry Tool to Push Wires Behind Car Paneling
  • User Manual