ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Review

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Dash Cam Review

Improved “PRO” Model Stealth 4K from ROVE

The “PRO” model is the upgraded version of the ROVE Stealth 4K Dash Cam. It shares nearly all the same features as the previous model, including the same physical body and mount, but has had a complete software upgrade.

If you are looking for a real 4K dash cam for your car, there are only a few companies selling “real 4K” recording car cameras. The ROVE Stealth 4K PRO uses the OmniVision OS08A10 image sensor, which is an 8 megapixel sensor, allowing it to record real 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO dash cam side view

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO side view

Stealth 4K PRO Specifications

Video Resolution Options:
3840x2160P @ 30 FPS (4K)
1440p @ 30 FPS
1296P @ 30 FPS
1080P @ 60 FPS
1080P @ 30 FPS
720P @ 30 FPS
Max Resolution with optional rear cam: 4K + 1080P
Image Sensor: OmniVision OS08A10 (8MP)
Lens Angle: 150°
Focal Length: f= 3.0mm (F/NO = 2.0)
Photo File: JPG
Photo Resolution: 20MP (5120 X 3840P)
Video File: MP4
Video Compression: H.265/H.264

Display: 2.35″ IPS
Storage: microSD (Class 10) up to 512GB
Battery or Capacitor: Battery (250mAh)
Parking Mode: Yes, with Motion & Impact Detection
Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: Yes
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
APP: Yes
Dual Dashcam: Yes, with optional rear camera
Model Name: Stealth 4K PRO
Manufacturer: ROVE
Price: $199

Stealth 4K PRO Dash Cam Screen

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Features

Video Quality

The ROVE Stealth 4K PRO is one of a handful of dash cameras currently sold that offer real 4K video recording. While other dash cams claim to record 4K video, they record a lower resolution and upscale it after to make the file seem like 4K video. You need an 8MP image sensor in order to record 3840 x 2160 resolution video, which is “4K”. The Stealth 4K PRO uses the OmniVision OS08A10, which is an 8MP image sensor.

If you wanted to store more video files on a smaller memory card, you can downsize the video resolution to 2K, 1080p or even 720p.

Video Storage & Loop Recording

To store video on the ROVE dash cam, you will need a microSD card. As with all dash cams, you will want to get a “Class 10” rated memory card, which is pretty standard these days.

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO supports a 512GB microSD card

Because the Stealth 4K uses “loop recording”, you don’t need a huge memory card. The camera will record small 1 minute video files (you have the option to increase this all the way up to 20 minute files). When the memory card gets full, it automatically starts to record over the oldest video files. Since most people only want their dash cam footage in the case of an accident, you really only need a minute or two of actual video footage. A smaller 8GB microSD card would be big enough.
If you want to have a bigger archive of video or take a lot of picture snapshots, the Stealth 4K PRO supports a large 512GB card.

Parking Mode Options

There are two main parking mode features with the Stealth 4K Pro that can provide 24/7 surveillance on your car when it is parked and you are away.

  • Impact Detection – The impact detection feature, which uses an internal g-sensor that will alert the camera when there has been a minor collision or movement of the car. This will initiate the camera to start recording a 1 minute video file that is then locked and saved for later viewing.
  • Motion Detection – When the dash cam is set to motion detection, it will put the camera in a stand by or sleep mode, where it will only start to record when it sense a change in “motion” in front of the camera, once it stops detecting motion it will save the video file and go back in stand by mode.

Powering the dash cam while using the parking mode features

If you plan on using the motion detection feature, you will need to provide and always on power source, either a hard wire kit, or an external battery pack.

Built-In WiFi and GPS

A nice feature on the Stealth 4K PRO is that it comes with GPS and Wifi built into the dash cam unit, so you won’t have to buy any extra modules for these additional options.

  • GPS – With the GPS module that is inside the dash cam, you can track your location (coordinates) and speed which can be watermarked directly on to your videos. You can also use software from ROVE for Mac or PC to watch videos along side a live map view of where you are driving in relation to the video. If you don’t want to use any of these features, all GPS options can be disabled in the settings area.
  • WiFi – For the most part, the main purpose of wifi is for you to connect your smartphone (iPhone or Samsung) or tablet remotely to the dash camera. This will let you view and download videos, along with changing the settings right from your phone. To use this feature, you will need to download the ROVE STEALTH 4K app, which we have covered in greater detail below.


ROVE Dash Cam APPROVE has an app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for their older dash cams like the R2-4K, however, the ROVE Stealth 4K and the ROVE Stealth 4K PRO have their own app on both app stores.

The app is called the “ROVE STEALTH 4K” (which works on the original and PRO model dash cams).

App compatible with the following smartphones

Using the built-in WiFi on the dash cam and the ROVE STEALTH 4K app, you can remotely connect your smartphone to the ROVE dash cam.

This will allow you to download videos rights on to your phone to share online or with police or an insurance company. You can also start and stop video recording remotely on your phone, as well as make dash cam setting changes.

Difference Between Stealth 4K & Stealth 4K PRO

The newer “PRO” ROVE dash cam has all the same features as the previous Stealth 4K model, including the same mount and dash camera housing body. The new PRO model has new software that has been improved from the ground up.

ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Accessories

ROVE Stealth 4K Dash Cam Accessories

What’s in the box:

  • Stealth 4K PRO Dash Cam
  • Car Charging Cable (12 FT.)
  • Cigarette USB Adapter
  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Adhesive Mount (with Extra Adhesive Pad)
  • 5 Cable Clips with Adhesive Mounts
  • Plastic Wire Trim Tool
  • USB Computer Cable (2.5 FT.)
  • User Manual

PROS and CONS of the Stealth 4K PRO


  • Built-In WiFi
  • Built-In GPS
  • Large 512GB microSD memory card capacity
  • Priced lower than the higher end 4K cams


  • Does not come with a rear cam (optional)
  • Uses a hanging mount, takes up more space
  • Battery rather than a capacitor (not as good in extreme temps)

Installing and Mounting the Stealth 4K PRO

With it’s small size, the 4K PRO can be mounted and hidden behind your rear view mirror, completely out of your line of sight. It comes with a suction cup mount and an adhesive sticky mount. We found the suction cup mount strongly held the dash cam in place. If you want a more permanent install on your windshield, we recommend using the sticky adhesive mount, as you know this won’t fall off. When sticking the mount to your windshield, try to go as high and in the center of your windshield as possible. Make sure the camera lens is not pointing the tint or sunshade dots and is within the windshield wiper area (read our guide on the best place to mount a dash cam)

Rove Stealth 4K PRO Camera Diagram

Diagram of ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Dash Cam

Diagram of ROVE Stealth 4K PRO Dash Cam