A118-C Dash Cam Review

A118-C Spy Tec DashCamThe A118-C is a capacitor based dashboard camera that does not contain any internal battery. It records full HD videos at 1080 pixel resolution and consumes very less power. Despite being compact and stealthy, the camera has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees that is good enough to cover both sides of the road or even its surroundings. And at 140°F or 60°C, the operating temperature is high enough to keep the dashcam functional without getting overheated even in hot and humid weather.

The A118-C dash camera is specifically built for disguise. Apart from being extremely small and compact, it blends in well with your car, camouflaging with the interior/exterior of the vehicle. The camera fits in perfectly above the rear-view mirror, and is hardly visible due to its black facing. Use the double-sided adhesive (that comes with the dash cam) to attach the camera’s bracket to your vehicle’s windshield. Black plastic shroud is also included to hide the camera wiring.

Accidents and even sudden braking of vehicle often results in acceleration shifts. In such situations, there is a substantial risk of your dashcam recording being overridden. To take care of this, Spy Tec A118-C has a built-in G-sensor that automatically detects sudden shifts in acceleration. The sensor has 3 different sensitivity settings – low, medium and high. Depending upon your driving conditions, you can choose the setting that suits you the best.
Night vision sensor, WDR technology, and AR0330 Lens from Aptina make the video recording on par with other higher priced dash cams on the market. You have the option to record at a resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 fps and 720 pixels at 60fps. The video quality is reasonably good for this ridiculously low priced dash cam; you can easily read the license plates even of vehicles parked on the roadside. But the night time recording is usually not that good, especially when your windshield needs cleaning.

A118-C Spy Tec DashCamIt also has a built-in display of 1.5 inches. The high definition TFT LCD screen can be easily oriented to suit your viewing angle. Use the DVR setting to shut off the screen after a certain time of being turned on. For instance, you can set the screen to shut off after 30 seconds of being turned on. You can also use the screen to watch the recorded clips without having to transfer the video files to some other device.

The A118-C dash camera can accommodate a microSD card of up 64GB. If you record at 1080 pixels, it should easily give you a recording of up to 5 hours. But there is nothing to worry even after your memory card is exhausted since the camera’s loop recording function will automatically come into play. If you want to save some footage from being overridden during relooping, you can always make use of the lock button.

If you want to add GPS functionality, you’ll have to purchase a supplementary GPS module that will also enable you to add speed stamp to your footage.

Low price and concealed recording are two major strengths of the A118-C. Use of capacitor as a power source instead of battery lends a better life to the camera. If you are looking for an affordable dash cam that helps you record without inviting others’ attention, this is the camera you should go for.

Full Specs of the A118-C dash cam

Main chip: NT96650
Imaging sensor: AR0330
Lens Angle: 170°
Screen Size: 1.5 inch
Video Resolution: HD1080P & HD720P
Video Frames: 30FPS@HD1080P & 60FPS@HD720P
Video File: H.264 .MOV
Photo Format: JPG
Language: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Japanese, and French
Storage Card: microSD, up to 64GB
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C
Operating Temperature: -10 to 60°C
Dimensions: 6 x 4.7 x 3.8 inches

What’s in the box?

  • A118 Dash Camera
  • Cigarette Adapter Power Cable
  • 3M Adhesives
  • Mounting Extension

A118-C Accessories

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Video Samples

Daytime driving video

Night footage video sample