Dash Cam feature coming to Tesla with new software update

Tesla CarElon Musk has confirmed via his Twitter account that the version 9 Tesla software update will have a dash cam feature, allowing Tesla owners to use the onboard cameras as a dash camera. The first V9 software update will offer an in car dash cam as a beta feature, with improvements in later software updates V9.1.

Below, Twitter user Richard Ulmer Tweets a question directed to the Model 3 Owners Twitter page as well as Elon Musks own Twitter account:

Within a matter of minutes, the reply is sent out from @elonmusk

Soon after he is asked “Like, the initial release of V9? Or a subsequent release (9.1, etc.)?”

And he replies with:

The V9 Tesla software update was supposed to be release back in August, but is now believed to be released sometime in October 2018.

A dash cam feature for the Tesla cars has been something many owners have been requesting for years now, as the popularity of car dash cameras become more and more popular in the US.

Sample Video of Tesla Dash Cam Feature

Youtuber Marc Benton has posted sample video footage that he claims are taken from his Tesla Model 3 with the version 9 (39.2) software update:

As mechanics have noted in the past, Tesla’s onboard AutoPilot cameras are already recording and saving still images during the event of a crash, although that data was only meant to be used for internal diagnostic purposes at Tesla and not for the consumer to use like they would with a traditional dash cam.

Jason Hughes was working on a salvaged Model S when he came across 8 pictures from the front facing camera before the crash

Tesla Dash Cam Footage

Be sure to check back on this page, where we will post updates with this new feature and sample video footage of dash cam video captured through the Tesla car camera system.