Best Dash Cam for Truckers

There are many of websites listing dash cams that they claim are a good fit for long haul truck drivers, but they lack the many features we think are important for those in the trucking industry.

For example, you are going to have a difficult time reaching your dash cam, which is why we think a smartphone app connected cam is necessary. This allows you to remotely connect to your dash cam in order to change settings on the fly, view video or (if you get pulled over) turn on audio recording if you happen to have it turned off.

Another key feature is to have a wide lens angle, giving you full video coverage of the road ahead. Because of the heighth of the cab of your semi, you are going to want a very wide view compared to a typical car.

The next thing you will need to figure out is whether or not you want to try and get an all in one combo GPS and dash cam type unit. We recommend against this, as you will miss out on both sides. The GPS aspect of the unit will not be up to par with higher rated GPS devices and same with the dash cam, it will have a poor quality camera and be lacking in other areas as well.

We advise on getting a small and discrete dash cam that can be setup and tucked away at the top of your windshield and forgotten about.

Below is our list of the best dash cams for truckers in 2023

#5 YI Nightscape Dash Cam

YI Nightscape Dash CamBest budget trucker dash cam pick is the YI Nightscape. Although it doesn’t shoot at 4K like some of the other dash cams on our list, it shoots at 1080p @ 60FPS. Most other dash cams will shoot at 30 frames per second, but the Nightscape shoots 60 frames per second, meaning it captures more video frames in a second. This can be helpful for capturing license plate numbers when you are driving at high speeds.

With its built-in in WiFi and the YI APP, you can remotely connect to the Nightscape with your phone or APP, making it easy to change camera settings from your truck seat. You can also see a live video feed or download videos directly onto your phone or tablet.

The YI Nightscape is a hang down type mounted dash cam. It uses an adhesive mount with the mounting bracket, but you can buy a suction cup for it. A suction cup mounting option can be useful for those drivers who do not own their big rig and want to be able to quickly install and take down their dash cam from the windshield.

Using a Sony Starvis image sensor, it is capable of recording good night time video footage, often more crisp and clear than other dash cams using less superior image sensors.

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YI Nightscape Specs

  • 1080p HD Video
  • Sony STARVIS Image Sensor
  • 140° Lens Angle
  • 64GB microSD Capacity
  • WiFi, Built-In
  • 2.4” LCD Screen
  • Capacitor Powered
  • G-Sensor

#4 Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Garmin 66W Dash CamGarmin has been a leader in GPS related devices for many years now. Most trucker drivers are surely familiar with their navigation systems. Although the 66W is a not a GPS and dash cam combo, it is good standalone dash cam with many features. It does have built-in GPS, however this is more for watermarking your videos with your coordinates and speed, rather than a full blown navigational system.

The Garmin 66W dashcam shoots in 1440p @ 30FPS and if you want to increase the frames per seconds to 60 you can lower it to 1080p. With its wide 180 degree lens angle, it is easily one of the widest of any dash cam out there (most are around 150° to 160°). This can be useful when used in a large semi truck.

Garmin has integrated a voice control feature into the 66W dash cam. When you say “OK, Garmin”, you are able to lock a video file when you see something on the road, take a picture or turn on audio recording, which can be useful if you are pulled over by the police.

With built-in WiFi and bluetooth you can connect your phone or tablet to the 66W using the Garmin Drive APP (Android and iOS). This will let you change settings, view a live video feed and download videos directly on to your phone. Not only can you connect your phone to your dash cam with the Garmin Drive APP, you can pair other Garmin navigational systems with the 66W.

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Garmin 66W Specs

  • 1440p HD Video
  • 180° Lens Angle
  • 512GB microSD Capacity
  • WiFi, Built-In
  • Voice Control
  • Motion Detection
  • Battery Powered (lithium-ion)
  • G-Sensor

#3 VIOFO A129 Duo Pro 4K

VIOFO A129 Duo Pro Dash CamVIOFO has been known for their small wedge shaped cameras that offer full HD video at a budget price. The A129 Duo has real 4K video and is priced below most other dash cameras shooting in 4K.

The A129 Duo is a good choice for truck drivers who want a small discrete dash cam that can be mounted up and behind their rear view mirror, out of site.

With the VIOFO APP, you can remotely control the dash cam with your phone or tablet via WiFi, which can be convenient in a large semi truck. The APP allows you to adjust the settings, stop the recording, view live video and download videos directly onto your phone, making it easy to share videos.

The mount of the A129 Duo has a GPS module built-into it. With GPS you can watermark your videos with your coordinates and speed, track your current location, or you can disable the GPS feature completely.

Other optional features include a CPL lens. A CPL lens reduces the glare in the video lens, which can be common on a large truck windshield pointing into the sun. VIOFO also sells a small wireless bluetooth remote. This can be mounted near your steering wheel and when you press the button on the remote, it automatically saves the video, making it handy when you see something as you drive.

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A129 Duo Pro Specs

  • 4K Video (3840x2160p)
  • Sony 8MP IMX317 Image Sensor
  • 130° Lens Angle
  • 256GB microSD Capacity
  • Motion Detection
  • WiFi, Built-In
  • GPS, In Mount
  • Capacitor Powered

#2 THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam

THINKWARE U1000 Dash CamWith it’s small wedge shaped design, that can be discretely stuck up behind your rear view mirror and out of your field of view, the THINKWARE U1000 can be a good option for truckers. It features a 8MP image sensor, which allows you to record in real 4K (3840x2160p), giving you a crisp and clear picture, even at high speeds. With it’s 150 degree lens angle, it allows you to record not only the front of your semi, but the peripheral.

The U1000 comes with built-in WiFi, which gives you the ability to remotely control the dash camera with your phone or tablet. To do this, you will first need to download the free THINKWARE app (Android or iOS). You won’t even have to reach up to the U1000 to turn on or off audio recording for example, it can be done right on your phone. You can also directly download videos, making it easy to share videos you’ve captured on the road.

Truck stops can be a wild place at times and with the motion detection feature and parking mode, you can record any activity around your truck, 24/7. You will need a hardwire kit to accomplish this though, as you need an external, always on power source for this.

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  • 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160p)
  • 8.42MP, Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor
  • 150° Lens Angle
  • 128GB microSD Capacity
  • Motion Detection
  • WiFi, Built-In
  • GPS, Built-In
  • Capacitor Powered

#1 Blackvue DR900S 4K Dash Cam

Blackvue DR900S Dash CamBlackvue is arguable the leader in high end dash cams. Their DR900S is the latest in their long line of top end dash cams. It features full 4K video, which only a hand full of other truck cams on the market offer today. It has a wide 162 degree lens angle, ensuring that you capture any accident or incident in front of your truck, both day and night. GPS that is used to log or document your location is built-in to the DR900S, which can be used with the free Blackvue software. The GPS feature can be disabled if you don’t want it active.

The DR900S can be purchased with a second “rear cam”, this could be used to setup a 2nd video angle, or record yourself.

Their dash cam APP can be freely downloaded. This APP will allow you to connect directly to the DR900 with your smartphone (Android and iOS) via a WiFi connection. Once you are connected, you can make any changes to the dash cam, view a live video feed (to make sure your dash cam is still pointed in the right direction for example) and download videos directly. Being able to quickly download videos to your phone or tablet can be beneficial after an accident, or if you just want to share something with your family that you see along your travels.

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Blackvue DR900S Specs

  • Real 4K Video (3840×2160 @ 30FPS)
  • 8MP Image Sensor
  • 162° Lens Angle
  • 256GB microSD Capacity
  • WiFi, Built-In
  • GPS, Built-In
  • Motion Detection For Parking Mode
  • G-Sensor