Vava 2K Dash Cam Review

The Vava 2K dash cam is a dual camera or 2 in 1 car camera setup that is primarily targeted at Uber, Lyft, taxi and rideshare drivers who want to be able to record the front of their car as well as capture video and audio of their passengers.

Vava 2K Uber Dash Cam Review

The 2K model, which also goes by the number VA-VD009 is small tube shaped dash cam which can be mounted to your windshield with an included suction cup or with an included adhesive for a more permanent install. The entire dash cam is able spin around 360 degrees.

Both of the cameras shoot full HD video, with the front camera recording video at 2K and the interior cabin cam shooting at 1080p.

Below we have done a full review on the Vava 2K Uber Dash Cam.

Vava 2K Dash Cam Specifications

Video Resolution:
Front: 2560*1600p (2K) @ 30FPS
Interior: 1920*1080p @ 30FPS
Image Sensor:
Front: Sony STARVIS IMX335
Interior: Sony STARVIS IMX307
Processor: Amba H22A55
Lens Angle: 155° (Front & Interior)
Photo File: JPG
Video File: MP4
Video Compression: H.264
Display: 2 inch LCD
Storage: microSD (Class 10) up to 256GB

Battery or Capacitor: Battery, 320mAh
Parking Mode: Yes
Time Lapse Mode: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes, (on/off option)
WiFi: Yes
GPS: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
APP: Yes – Android & iOS iPhone / iPad
Dual Dash Cam: Yes
Model Name: VA-VD009
Manufacturer: Vava
Price: Check Current Price

Vava 2K Dash Cam Product Photos

Vava VD009 Dash Camera LCD Screen

Vava 2K Dash Cam Mount

Vava 2K bottom of dash cam

Vava 2K Dash Cam Features

Video Quality

The Vava VD009 2K Dash Cam is a 2 in 1 car camera system. It has the traditional front facing camera to capture any accidents out in front of you. The 2nd built-in camera faces inside your car so you can record both video and audio of anything going on inside your car.

  • Front Camera – Records 2560*1600p 2K video at 30 frames per second. It uses the Sony STARVIS IMX335 image sensor, which are known for capturing clear day and night. The camera lens is fixed in position to the tube shaped camera body. To point the camera you can pivot and rotate the camera in all directions on its ball joint mount. It has a lens angle of 155 degrees to cover all of the front area of your car and the road ahead.

Front Camera Video Sample

  • Interior Cabin Camera – The inside passenger camera also shoots full HD video, but is a step down from the front camera, recording video at 1920*1080p at 30 frames per second. The cabin camera has 4 LED IR (infrared) light built-in around the lens. These IR lights are invisible to the human eye and give the interior cabin cam full night vision, letting you capture video of passengers in total darkness.

Video Storage and Loop Recording

The Vava 2K dash camera uses a microSD card to save all of the video files. As with all modern dash cams, you will want to get a “Class 10” microSD memory card. “Class 10” are the most common type of microSD cards and can be found on Amazon and big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy.

You can use a 16GB through 256GB memory card with the Vava 2K

Dash camera use “loop recording”, which means the memory card never gets full and stops recording. It records small video files, usually around 1 to 5 minutes in length. Once the memory card is full (this usually takes hours and hours of video) it will begin to “loop” back around and record over the oldest files. Because of this, you don’t necessarily need a huge memory card if all you want the dash cam for is to capture an accident or major event.

You only need 1 microSD card, both the front and interior facing camera share the same memory card.

Parking Mode Options

The Vava 2K has a basic parking monitor setting that can watch over your car when you are parked and away. If it detects an impact it will record a 15 second video clip.

With its built-in g-sensor it can sense a significant vibration, alerting the camera to start recording. This can help record video of someone who hits your car in a parking lot or while you’re parked on the street.

The parking mode feature lacks some of the more advanced parking mode options you would find on higher priced dash cams, like motion detection.

To use this parking mode feature you will need an external power source, like using a hardwire kit to your cars fuse box, or an external dash cam battery.

Built-In WiFi & Smartphone App

The VD009 Vava Dash Cam has built-in wifi. With this you are able to remotely connect to the dash cam with your smartphone or tablet.

To use this feature you will need to install the free iOS or Android app.

After you have the app setup you can get a live video view on your phone, download photos and videos to share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, delete videos from the dash cam and make dash camera setting changes.

There is a built-in 2 inch LCD screen on the back of the dash cam, so you can still make setting changes right on the dash cam itself, without having to use the app if you don’t want to.

Rideshare & Taxi Features

The Vava VD009 is a new style of dash cam that are becoming more and more popular that cater to Uber and Lyft drivers.

Years ago people were taking “dual dash cams” that were meant for a front and rear window camera setup and taking the rear camera and mounting it up front, to record the inside of their car.

Now dash cams like the Vava 2K offer a front and inside cabin camera in one small unit.

The interior camera records HD video and uses a Sony image sensor, which work well in low light settings, like inside of a dark car. Along with a good image sensor, the interior camera lens uses infrared to record true night vision video.

With its GPS tracking features you can archive all your routes and coordinates. This could help for liability and legal reasons if you had any major issues with a passenger, you could have video, audio and the GPS coordinates documented to help defend yourself if there was a fraudulent claim against yourself.

Vava 2K Dash Cam Accessories

Vava Dash Cam Accessories

What’s in the Box?

  • Vava 2K Dash Cam (VA-VD009)
  • Car Power Cord with GPS Module
  • Windshield Mount
  • Snapshot Button
  • Adhesive Cable Clips (5)
  • Plastic Pry Tool
  • User Manual

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PROS and CONS of the Vava 2K Dash Cam


  • Strong build quality
  • Uses Sony images sensors
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Magnet mount for fast removal


  • Battery rather than capacitor (not as good in extreme temperatures)
  • GPS module is not built-in, takes up a bit more space

Installing and Mounting

The VD009 uses a suction cup mount to adhere to your windshield. The suction cup itself is of higher quality than most suction cup mounts used on other dash cams. It has a sticky like feel to it (without leaving residue behind).

The suction cup mount connects to the Vava dash cam with a strong magnet. This is a nice feature to have, which will allow you to quickly pull off your dash cam and hide it in your glove box if you were concerned about someone breaking into your car to try and steal it.

When installing a traditional front facing dash cam, you would normally mount it up and behind your rear view mirror, out of your line of sight. But because this has an interior facing passenger camera you will want to either have the dash cam mounted below or to the right of your rear view mirror.

Have the dash cam plugged in and powered on when mounting it so you can get a video preview of where the camera lens is pointing.

We recommend mounting the Vava 2K behind your mirror with half of the right side sticking out on the right side of your rear view mirror, so the interior camera has enough room to stick out and capture video on both sides of the inside of your car.

Once you have properly mounted your dash cam, you will want to route the wires down to your cigarette adapter for power. The Vava 2K comes with an orange plastic crowbar looking thing which is meant to be used to push wires into small cracks of your paneling, or to lightly pry paneling it to push wires into the cracks. Never use metal (like a screwdriver or knife) on the plastic interior of your car, this could scratch and damage it.

Below is an outline of how to route and hide the wiring of your dash cam:

How to install Vava dash cam

For more info on where to place this dash cam, read our Dash Cam Mounting Guide