Wrong-Way Driver Captured on Dash Cam

Dash Cam Video Captures Wrong Way Driver on Highway

Andrew Rollins was driving just outside of Wickenburg, Arizona on US 60 when he captured an SUV driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic

Rollins spoke with KVOA TV and said ““We were just caught by surprise”. As Rollins was driving down US 60 a motorcyclist start waving at him, motioning that he pull over to the side of the road. Soon after a white SUV is seen coming straight at them, going the wrong way.

Wrong-Way driver on dash cam

Wrong-Way driver on dash cam

Wrong-Way driver on dash cam

He went on to explain his reasoning for buying a dash cam for his car:

“that’s one of the reasons why I got one [dash cam]…I just went online and got a dash cam kit and installed it and made sure I had front and rear facing one”

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The man driving the white SUV seen in the dash cam video is described by Rollins as an elderly man.

Arizona Department of Public (DPS) says that have been unable to contact the wrong way driver and even if they did make contact, they’re not sure if the driver would face any charges.

It is unclear what make and model dua dash cam Rollins was using that recorded this wrong-way driver incident.